About MCAM

The Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts (MCAM) is a group of some of the area’s most respected and qualified Union Mason Contractors and masonry suppliers.
The group dedicates itself to quality, excellence, and professionalism in all segments of the masonry industry.
MCAM members are proficient in all aspects of masonry construction. The Association has a wealth of information available to architects, engineers, general contractors, and property owners for their use in all phases of masonry

In the design and engineering stage, the Association can provide suggestions for money saving design and construction techniques. MCAM can show you how masonry is extremely cost-effective and an ideal alternative to other methods of construction. There is a masonry product for every budget. When beginning to plan a project, it is very beneficial to bring an MCAM Mason Contractor on as a team member in the very early stages of the planning process. The mason contractor can assist you in developing a cost effective design and installation. This upfront planning can provide long term benefits in cost savings, time, and overall efficiency.

For the construction phase, the Association can put you in touch with an MCAM Mason Contractor that will complete your projects with the highest quality standards in the industry. MCAM contractors employ only expertly trained, highly skilled union craftsworkers. The training that union craftsworkers receive is second to none. An apprentice must complete a rigorous 6,000 hour program before advancing to the level of a Journeyman. Because of the commitment to quality craftsmanship, training is conducted by only the most qualified instructors and all instructors have been certified by the International Masonry Institute. The training program includes in-depth training in masonry construction, safety, scaffolding, blueprint reading, and supervisory skills training and takes place at schools located in Boston and Springfield.

MCAM members can supply you with the high quality product, craftsmanship, and professionalism that your projects deserve. Members serve all facets of the masonry industry including brick, block, and stone work, masonry paving, waterproofing, restoration, and historical renovations. MCAM is an ideal resource partner for your masonry design and construction needs and can offer you the latest in materials and procedures, product knowledge, technical assistance, code updates, industry updates and industry networking. Membership is open to all Union Mason Contractors and masonry suppliers and architects.