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Bricklayers Training Center

Bricklayers Training Center


The contractor members of the Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts (MCAM) employ only masonry craftworkers who are members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC) Local 3 MA, ME, NH, RI and mason tenders who are members of the Laborers Union.  Employing only BAC Local 3 masonry craftworkers allows the contractor members of MCAM to have an ample supply of local qualified journeyman trowel trades workers at any time.

BAC Local 3 MA, ME, NH, RI

BAC Local 3 MA, ME, NH, RI represents thousands of trowel trades workers engaged in every segment of the masonry craft. This includes: bricklayers, stone and marble masons, masonry restoration specialists, waterproofers, tile layers and finishers, mosaic and terrazzo workers, cement masons and plasterers.

 In order to provide sufficient qualified manpower available to service the marketplace, BAC Local 3 expands the pool of skilled manpower through its apprenticeship program which is a main priority of the union.  The apprenticeship program for the next generation of masonry craftworkers begins with a Pre-Job Training Program.  The Pre-Job Training Program is a 10 week program, held at the BAC Local 3 Training Centers, where the apprentices are introduced to the craft by Instructors who have been certified by the International Masonry Institute.  Upon successful completion of the Pre-Job Program, the apprentices are placed on local masonry jobsites to continue to learn on the job.  They are required to complete 5,000 hours of on the job training in addition to a mandatory 4 hours of weekly related training throughout their apprenticeship at the BAC Local 3 Training Centers.   

The quality of the Union’s apprenticeship training programs is conducted at the highest standards within the industry in order to ensure that upon completion of the comprehensive five-thousand hour program, apprentices have been molded and trained into highly skilled, quality-minded, competent craftworkers, ready to assume the duties, responsibilities and challenges that journeymen status brings with it. 

In addition to the apprenticeship program, BAC Local 3 provides other ongoing programs that address the inherent needs of journeymen to further advance in the industry. Courses in journeymen cross-training, advanced training in the areas of plan reading and estimating, welding, safety and scaffolding training, supervisory and contractor training, new masonry product training and a variety of courses designed to shape oral and written skills are all active within the training program and encompass the entire spectrum of the masonry crafts.  Given the great number of technological changes within the construction industry, masonry’s ability to adapt to changing market trends is crucial for future job opportunities. Flexible training and updating programs, which includes new methods and systems is a strong and necessary catalyst that will determine masonry’s future development and its position in the construction industry.

The Union has a proven track record of training thousands of first-class journeymen throughout its long history. Our Training has proven to be a key to maintaining the high performance level of union masonry craftworkers and elevates the unions and their contractors to an enviable position in the marketplace.

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union (BAC) Local 3 MA, ME, NH, RI, together with Union Mason Contractors, are building a future for the masonry industry like never before. Their labor-management partnership and spirit of cooperation is at an all time high. The superiority of union craftworkers is demonstrated not by words, but by performance. Skilled union craftworkers stand ready to accept the challenges of the industry now and in the future. Whatever the material choice or method of installation, and whatever the design, numerous, highly-skilled union craftworkers are more than up to the task and are second to none in the industry.