The Union

‘Speaking With One Voice’
Mason Contractors Association of Massachusetts dedicates itself to quality, excellence and professionalism in all segments of the masonry industry.
To effectuate their mission the association involves itself in strategic market research, apprenticeship training, industry development, legislation, labor management relations, and other programs and issues which may have a direct impact on the union masonry construction industry.

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union is firmly dedicated to excellence and professionalism in the masonry industry.

The Union represents thousands of trowel trades workers engaged in every segment of the masonry craft. This includes: bricklayers, stone and marble masons, masonry restoration specialists and waterproofers, tile layers and finishers, mosaic and terrazzo workers, cement masons and plasterers.

The Union has numerous goals and objectives, but its main focus centers around organizing, apprenticeship and training, masonry promotion, legislative and political action and collective bargaining. These objectives serve to determine strategic business planning and the development necessary to expand masonry’s marketshare in the construction industry.

In order to achieve its objectives, each program goal and its level of activities are linked to one another and their direct relationship to one another is essential in ultimately growing the masonry industry. In short, the successful growth of the masonry industry cannot be achieved unless all of the components are pulling in the same direction at the same time, at the same rate and are given the same importance. The premise on which these objectives are built is the Union’s philosophy that hard work and cooperation enables mason contractors to succeed and prosper.

One of the Union’s strongest marketing tools is its apprenticeship and training programs. In dealing with the many critical issues facing the masonry industry today, there must be sufficient qualified manpower available to service the marketplace. Although there are ample numbers of journeymen trowel tradesmen at the present time, the need to constantly replenish and expand the pool of skilled manpower through apprenticeship, as well as journeymen updating and advancement programs, forms the bedrock of a viable masonry industry. As such, apprenticeship and training is a main priority of this Union.

The Union’s training program serves individuals from all walks of life who choose masonry as a career. It enables them to become highly skilled craftworkers, to aspire and grow to meet individual goals, to ensure their own welfare and that of their family, and to achieve recognition for outstanding skills and quality work. It also serves the community by assuring good value and high quality work on projects and by developing good citizens.

Throughout the years, the success of the Union in large part has been due to the effectiveness of its training programs. Given the great number of technological changes within the construction industry, masonry’s ability to adapt to changing market trends is crucial for future job opportunities. Flexible training and updating programs, which includes new methods and systems is a strong and necessary catalyst that will determine masonry’s future development and its position in the construction industry.

In addition to the training of apprentices, commencing with the pre-job bricklaying program and related weekly classes, other programs are ongoing that address the inherent need of journeymen to further advance in the industry. Courses in journeymen cross-training, advanced training in the areas of plan reading and estimating, welding, safety and scaffolding training, supervisory and contractor training, and a variety of courses designed to shape oral and written skills are all active within the training program and encompass the entire spectrum of the masonry crafts.

A recent study confirms that Union craftworkers, when compared to their non-union counterparts, perform their work more efficiently and complete their work to higher specifications, more productively and more safely. The Union, unlike the non-union sector, has a proven track record of training thousands of first-class journeymen throughout its long history. Training has proven to be a key to maintaining the high performance level of union masonry craftworkers and elevates the unions and their contractors to an enviable position in the marketplace.

It is, therefore, of primary importance that the quality of the Union’s training programs continue to be conducted at the highest standards within the industry, in order to ensure that upon completion of the comprehensive six-thousand hour program, apprentices have been molded and trained into highly skilled, quality-minded, competent craftworkers, ready to assume the duties, responsibilities and challenges that journeymen status brings with it. Because of this importance, all of the instructors that teach at the full-time masonry training centers in Boston and Springfield are certified by the International Masonry Institute.

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union, together with Union Mason Contractors, are building a future for the masonry industry like never before. Their labor-management partnership and spirit of cooperation is at an all time high. The superiority of union craftworkers is demonstrated not by words, but by performance. Skilled union craftworkers stand ready to accept the challenges of the industry now and in the future. Whatever the material choice or method of installation, and whatever the design, numerous, highly-skilled union craftworkers are more than up to the task and are second to none in the industry.