Laborers Union

The Laborers’ International Union of North America LIUNA – is a powerhouse of workers who are proud to build the United States and Canada. 

LIUNA members, a half-million strong, are a skilled and experienced union workforce trained to work safely in the construction and energy industries. Members build infrastructure – from roads, bridges, and transit to schools and skyscrapers. 

MCAM Contractors only employ laborers that are trained and certified LIUNA members. 

All mason tenders and laborers employed by MCAM Contractors go through a rigorous training program designed and managed by the New England Laborers International Union and the New England Laborers Training Academy (NELTA).

To support the needs of the New England Region, the New England Laborers operate two world class training facilities in New England.  These live-in, multi-function academies are located in Hopkinton, MA and Pomfret, CT. Both facilities offer outside training sites, classrooms, indoor training areas, meeting rooms, dormitories, and recreational and dining facilities. 

Trainees receive intensive classroom and hands-on job simulated instruction from certified instructors in all aspects of the Laborers’ Construction Craft trade. 

After completing an in-depth course on the “basics” of safety, work procedures, and proper equipment operation and maintenance, NELTA trains construction craft laborers in the specialty concentration area of Masonry. Prior to moving on to a selected specialty concentration, all craft laborers are OSHA certified. 

In order to become a Mason Tender, craft laborers must also complete an 80 hour intensive course that trains them to be skilled in the following areas:  

  • Masonry terms and definitions
  • Trade specific safety and project planning
  • Identification of materials and tools
  • Scaffold Assembly
  • Estimating and Proper Stocking Techniques
  • Mortar and Grout Mixing
  • Tending the Mason
  • Mortar/Grout Additives
  • Reinforced Masonry Construction
  • Forklift operation and safety
  • Advanced Scaffolding Techniques

Upon the successful completion of the training in this specialized trade, the craft laborer graduates as a Mason Tender and is equipped with the technical skills to proficiently assist the Mason in keeping the work flowing efficiently and safely.  

Should the need arise, a Mobile Outreach Unit is used to present classes on site.

Laborer’s Code of Performance

To further ensure the success of your project, members of LIUNA are bound by the Laborer’s Code of Performance. Members of LIUNA are known for bringing more to the work site than their Union cards. Laborers help to ensure the success of a project by delivering experience in the field, skills for the job, pride in their work, and a strong safety-conscious work ethic. To sustain these qualities in current and future members, and for the benefit of their contractors, LIUNA has adopted a Code of Performance for its members and officers.

The goal of the Code of Performance is to ensure that LIUNA members meet the highest standards and exceed the expectations of the contractors.